Fly Direct

With Maxair, your schedule is the itinerary. A short walk from your car to the plane, and you’re off to your destination. We can fly you direct to over 12,000 airports throughout the United States and Canada, many of which are not serviced by commercial carriers. We land you closer to your destination and your return flight departs when you are ready to leave. That’s convenience!

Save Time

You know better than anyone that your time is money, so don’t spend your time traveling – spend it at your destination! With our air charter service you won’t waste time with early check-ins, aggravating delays, and missed connections through chaotic hub cities. We get you there quicker.

Lower Costs

You save money when you fly direct with Maxair’s charter service. Chartering an aircraft can eliminate unnecessary overnights, additional meal and rental car expenses. If you and one or more of your colleagues are traveling to the same destination, flying by air charter with Maxair Inc. will most likely save you money.